Moscow, Russia
Typical Budget:
3 People

About ColorWebDesigner

If you chose MODX as the main project management system, you are a far-sighted person with good taste and we have a lot in common. I made this choice more than 10 years ago and have never regretted it.

I adhere to progressive thinking and do not keep a permanent staff and offices. Depending on the task, the team is easily scaled by experienced professionals. Thus, over your project will always work as many people as needed to fulfill everything on time and you do not have to overpay.

>>> There is no such project, that could not be implemented on MODX. --- I. Prokopenko, G.M.

You can find me in: [ skype ] [ instagram ] [ telegram ] [ slack ] [ whatsapp ] [ facebook ] [ vk ]

What services I provide

I specialize in projects that need to be created from scratch, as well as the redesign and rebranding of old sites. Will well complement your designers and marketers, add a lot of useful and good ideas to the team. I will be extremely useful in the following issues:

  • Prototyping
  • Web Design
  • Html, CSS, jQuery coding
  • Installation and configuration MODx
  • Setting templates on MODx
  • SEO optimization of sites on MODx
  • Customization of the MODx manager
  • Development of snippets and plugins
  • Your MODx site support team
  • Migration from other CMS to MODx
  • Training your employees to work with the MODx based site.

[+] Create optimized and ready to search engines sites [+] Always learn, share knowledge and experience [+] Responsibly approach the work with piece of soul in every byte [+] Customisable team depend of projects needs


Work with graphics: [ Adobe ], [ Gimp ], [ Inkscape ], [ Autocad ]. Automation: [ nodejs ], [ gulp ], [ bash ], [ bitnami ]. Version control: [ git ]. Server: [ Proxmox ]. IDE: [ Atom ], [ jetbrains ]. OS: [ Linux Debian ], [ Windows ]

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