tda! (The Digital Age Ltd)

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Typical Budget:
£10k +
8 People
£10k +

About tda! (The Digital Age Ltd)

We are a digital creative agency with over 12 years' experience of designing and delivering campaign, e-commerce and multi-national websites on the Modx platform.

Strategy and consultancy Our strategists and consultants identify and advise on practical, effective ways to improve and deliver digital services that meet user needs and deliver on business goals.

User experience The success of a digital service hinges on one thing; how users perceive it. Our user experience consultants consider the questions that run through the minds of users. They also ensure that your digital services are optimised for the people who are actually going to use them!

Design and development Our designers and developers combine creativity with appropriate technology to create engaging experiences online - content managed websites, campaigns, e-commerce, intranets and mobile apps.

Content design and marketing Content designers make sure that the writing on the site or service meets the needs of the user as clearly, simply and quickly as possible. But with a little creative flair and great storytelling, we craft content that that speaks to our audiences.

Digital marketing Success is measured by results. We’ll help you evolve how you connect with people to achieve better results and make your marketing budget go further. To attract, convert and nurture users, we never stop listening, tracking, and optimising.

Digital Sense Do you have a view of your industry; the upcoming trends, the innovation? What about your competition? Have you ever wondered what they are up to or what their customers have to say about them? And your own customers; how do they feel about you, what are they saying, what are they feeling? How do they experience your brand?

Digital sense is a quarterly situation report for your business. We are your eyes and your ears. We have a nose for insight, we’re in touch with your customers and we understand how they feel.

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