Greater Manchester, UK
Typical Budget:
£35 - £8.000
1 Person
£35 - £8.000

About ysanmiguel.com

I'm a bilingual (English/Spanish) Freelancer Graphic Designer and Web Developer working with ModX since 2009 providing solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

If you are having problems with your current website or you need a shiny, up to date brand new one I'm the one to call.

Generally people tend to spend more money than necessary to keep their websites and email services running. If you think you might be one of those people I can guide you to reduce that outcome and keep everything working as it should.

I also provide hosting for ModX sites only, with the plus that anytime you need something I'll give you the necessary support personally. You only need to send me a whatsapp message, no need to spend hours contacting technical support as with other hostings.

I'm a very chilled and easy going person, our business will be like talking with your friend (a responsible one)! ;)

ysanmiguel.com is an online service based in Greater Manchester, UK.

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Greater ManchesterUnited Kingdom